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The Rapaport Diamond Podcast

Episode 32: GIA on Covid-19, Automation and Synthetics

Susan Jacques, CEO at the Gemological Institute of America, talks about the laboratory’s response to the pandemic, its approach to lab-grown diamonds, and the future of artificial intelligence in grading.

Episode 31: Rise in Grading Activity Signals Recovery

The number of jewelry pieces being sent to the International Gemological Institute (IGI) for grading and authentication continues to rise, indicating a faster-than-expected revival among jewelers, according to CEO Roland Lorie.

Episode 30: Pandemic Is Pushing Industry to Embrace Tech

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the use of technology in the diamond supply chain, diminishing the fear that many in the industry had toward adapting innovation, according to David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies.

Episode 29: Lucara Diamond Outlines its Coronavirus Response

Eira Thomas, CEO of Lucara Diamond Corp. appears cautiously confident the mining company has the balance sheet, the sales platform and the right product mix at its high-value Karowe mine in Botswana, to manage through the crisis.

Episode 28: How Covid-19 Will Transform the Jewelry Store

From online engagement ring consultations to new products and new ways of selling, the traditional jewelry stores needs to adapt and quickly. We examine the various elements jewelers should consider when making changes in the time of corona.

Episode 27: Marketing Our Way Out of Crisis

Rapaport Senior Analyst Avi Krawitz spoke with the NDC’s CEO, David Kellie, about the relaunch in the second episode of the Rapaport Group’s “The Recovery” webinar series.

Episode 26: Time for Subtle, Discreet Brand Marketing

With an eye on the fourth quarter, Sally Morrison, director of PR at De Beers’ consumer and brands division, puts into perspective some of the lessons learned during the crisis.

Episode 25: Is the Diamond Trade Prepared for Change?

As diamond markets start to return, the Rapaport news team discusses prospects for the industry in the coronavirus era.

Episode 24: How the Pandemic Is Changing De Beers

The diamond industry will need to tweak its messaging to emphasize the values the product and brands represent, De Beers executives stressed in the Rapaport Diamond Podcast.

Episode 23: How Alrosa is Using Data to Drive Sales

Rapaport Senior Analyst Avi Krawitz spoke with Tikhonov in episode 23 of the Rapaport Diamond Podcast about how the mining company is using data to improve efficiency in the rough-sales process. 

Episode 22: Podcast: How Big a Threat is the Coronavirus?

With the coronavirus dominating headlines since late January, the Rapaport Diamond Podcast looks at its potential impact on the diamond and jewelry market.

Episode 21: Googling Billy Porter

The Rapaport Diamond Podcast ushers in the New Year with a review of the holiday season and some bold predictions for the year ahead. 

Episode 20: Trends Shaping the Industry

With the holiday season well under way, the Rapaport Diamond Podcast debates different trends taking shape in the retail space.

Episode 19: Why Bridal's Not Enough

Avi Krawitz, Rapaport's senior analyst, interviewed Stephen Lussier, De Beers’ vice president, consumer and brands, after the company published its annual Diamond Insight Report.

Episode 18: Nurturing the Next Generation

Joshua Freedman, Rapaport’s Senior News Reporter, joined 25 members of the Young Diamantaires group on a visit to De Beers’ Venetia mine in South Africa. Joshua interviews Rami Baron (center), who led the trip and is working to secure the future of the diamond industry.

Episode 17: Oversupply, Tariffs and Silver Linings

It’s volatile out there with all the talk of recession, rumblings about the trade war and uncertainty in Hong Kong. But we see a light at the end of the tunnel and pick out some winning trends that should lift the mood. 

Episode 16: An Industry in Crisis?

The diamond sector is facing multiple challenges, from weak profitability and tight liquidity to shaky consumer demand. Our latest podcast seeks out the positives, and discusses what companies can do to improve their situation.

Episode 15: Vegas, Was it All that Bad?

Fresh off the boat from Las Vegas, and battling some serious jetlag, Rapaport news editor Avi Krawitz and publisher John Costello pick out their key takeaways and favorite moments from the JCK show. 

Episode 14: Lightbox – the Synthetics King?

On the first anniversary since the launch of Lightbox, Rapaport’s Avi Krawitz sat with managing director Steve Coe at the JCK show in Las Vegas. Coe gives his perspective of the industry’s response to Lightbox, some insight into the brand’s approach to the lab-grown diamond debate, and its plans moving forward.

Episode 13: Who's Right - De Beers or the GIA?

The Rapaport Podcast team discusses provenance and – you guessed it – lab-grown diamonds, following significant moves by De Beers and the GIA in the last few months.

Episode 12: The Nirav Modi Arrest and More

The Rapaport team reflects on last week’s arrest of Nirav Modi in central London, as well as other key recent stories in the industry.

Podcast Short - Reuven Kaufman Interview

Rapaport News caught up with Reuven Kaufman, president of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York, to gauge the mood in the US trade at the start of 2019. 

Podcast Short - Good Holiday, Bad Holiday

Rapaport News Editor Avi Krawitz and senior reporter Joshua Freedman try to make sense of the holiday season after the major jewelers published some disappointing results. Amid the negatives, there were some bright spots and notable trends worth looking out for in 2019. Image: Tiffany & Co.

Episode 11 - 2018: A Year of Scandal, Synthetics and No-Shows

The Rapaport News team gathered one last time in 2018 to look back on the biggest trends of the year. They also share their favorite stories of 2018 and look ahead to a 2019 that holds both promise and challenge for the diamond and jewelry industry. 

Episode 10 - A Turning Point for the Industry?

The holidays are coming, and all the signs look good, but can the bankruptcy of retail giant Sears teach the industry anything? Also, Aleah Arundale joins us to talk about the US market and her experience running the largest jewelers' Facebook group in America. Plus, the team tells you their names for a new mineral.

Episode 9 - Hong Kong and the Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is soon upon us! It's holiday stocking season, but with a trade storm brewing between the US and China, will this holiday season be as rewarding as it once seemed to promise? Also, the rosy results of retail giants Signet and Tiffany are up for debate. Plus, what is the Rapaport crew up to for the holidays? 

Episode 8 - Synthetics, Swatch and the Summer

Things are heating up in the industry. In this sweltering episode of the Rapaport Diamond Podcast, the team discusses the Federal Trade Commission’s decision to remove the word “natural” from its definition of “diamond,” and what it means for marketers. Swatch Group’s shock withdrawal from Baselworld is also on the agenda. Plus, what’s everyone’s favorite thing about the summer?

Episode 7 - What Happened in Vegas

The Rapaport team is back from JCK Las Vegas with stories to share. This month’s Rapaport Diamond Podcast reflects on the mood and main events of that key jewelry fair. The team discusses Martin Rapaport’s vocal challenge of De Beers. And Sonia Esther Soltani, Rapaport’s Editor in Chief, gives an update on the hot new trends at the high-end Couture show. 

Episode 6 - Making the Grade

Diamonds are weighed, measured and scrutinized before they’re given a grade. But are grading labs fueling consumer confidence, or a cause for concern? This month, the Rapaport Diamond Podcast explores the state of diamond grading, with our editorial team offering its views on the issue. We also interview Martin Rapaport, who gives a taste of what to expect at the upcoming Rapaport Breakfast at JCK Las Vegas. Sign up for the Rapaport events at JCK, and check out Avi's speech from Carat+ 2018.

Episode 5 - The Death of the Trade Show?

With the industry gearing up for the JCK show in Las Vegas, the Rapaport Diamond Podcast examines the changing landscape of trade fairs, talks to Stanley Zale of Stuller about how synthetic diamonds are performing, and reviews the results of Sotheby’s latest auction in Hong Kong. 

Episode 4 - Fraud, Corruption & the Red Carpet

In the wake of the alleged $2 billion Nirav Modi fraud in India, the Rapaport Diamond Podcast takes a closer look at industry corruption. Donald Palmieri of the Gem Certification Assurance Lab (GCAL) shares his insights on the subject, and Rapaport Editor in Chief Sonia Esther Soltani fills us in on the glittery, glamorous 90th Academy Awards.

Episode 3 - Wagging Tails and Diamond Sales

Labrador-grown diamonds? The Year of the Dog is coming up, and we are unleashing insights about how the Chinese New Year will affect the trade in the Far East. Also, an interview with noted jewelry journalist Jennifer Heebner, who shares her experiences from the most recent US colored-gemstone shows.

Episode 2 - All Aboard the Omnibus

Blockchain, omni-channel and the power of storytelling are some of the key topics the Rapaport editorial team discusses in this new episode. It also features insights into synthetics – including advice from DPA CEO Jean-Marc Lieberherr – our favorite news stories of 2017, and Avi Krawitz’s heartfelt take on the Kimberley Process.

Episode 1 - Holiday Cheer

In Rapaport’s first-ever podcast, we share our views on the holiday season, this year’s most exciting marketing campaigns, and what retailers are — or should be — doing to meet consumers’ needs. Also, hear our exclusive interview with Sally Morrison — former De Beers and DPA marketing exec and millennial-in-training — for her take on today’s consumer landscape, and our lively discussion on the most groundbreaking news in the industry. Hint: It has a royal twist.

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